We recognize the cancellation of WOSMIP 2020 has impacted the abilities of the radioisotope and nuclear explosion monitoring communities to hold technical discussions and collaborate on new developments and impacts for a wide range of topics in support of global nuclear explosion monitoring.

In order to provide a venue for you all to connect with your international colleagues and continue dialogue around these important topics, we have launched WOSMIP Remote. By using some of the innovative tools and digital channels available to us, WOSMIP Remote includes a variety of compelling video presentations with Q&A periods on topics that will be recorded and posted here. 

Scroll down to view all the WOSMIP Remote videos as well as an interesting roundtable discussion on the use of stack monitoring data and a virtual tour. 


Dr. Ted Bowyer talks about plans for WOSMIP remote
and the next WOSMIP. Watch the video.

Virtual Presentations

Release - April 27, 2020

VideosPresenterPresentation Link
Overview of WOSMIP Remote and Plans for WOSMIP VIII
Dr. Ted Bowyer, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Where is WOSMIP Coming From?
Dr. Paul R.J. Saey, WOSMIP Scientific Advisor 
Source Term Analysis of Xenon (STAX) UpdateDr. Judah Friese, Pacific Northwest National LaboratorySource Term Analysis of Xenon (STAX) Update.pdf
The Impact of Molten Salt ReactorsDr. Jonathan Burnett, Pacific Northwest National LaboratoryThe Impact of Molten Salt Reactors_Burnett.pdf
TXL DeploymentsMr. Ian Cameron, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Released - May 13, 2020

VideosPresenterPresentation Link
R&D on Xe Trapping at SCK CENMr. Christophe Gueibe, Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK CEN)R&D on Xe trapping at SCK CEN C GUEIBE.pdf
Overview of UK NDC's Use of STAX DataMr. Ashley Davies, AWEUK NDC STAX Data Ashley Davies.pdf
INVAP's Progress with the STAX System Dr. Mariana di Tada, INVAPSTAX Mariana di Tada.pdf
STAX Data Pipeline Demo Dr. Matthias Auer, ISTISTAX_DataProcessing Auer.pdf
Nuclear Research Reactors and Noble Gas MonitoringDr. Ian Hoffman, Radiation Protection Bureau, Health CanadaNuclear Research Reactors and Noble Gas Monitoring- I. Hoffman.pdf

Released - May 27, 2020

VideosPresenterPresentation Link
Current Status of the Ongoing 3rd ATM-Challenge 2019Dr. Christian Maurer, ZAMG - Zentralanstalt fuer Meteorologie und Geodynamik, Vienna, AustriaCurrent Status of Ongoing 3rd ATM.pdf
Impact of Civilian Nuclear EmissionsDr. Harry Miley, Pacific Northwest National LaboratoryImpact of Civilian Nuclear Emissions.pdf
New Feasibility Study for Mo-99, 'The SMART Project'Dr. Benoit Deconninck, IRE
New Feasibility Study for Mo-99, "The SMART Project".pdf
IRE LEU Conversion UpdatesDr. Valery Host, IRE IRE LEU Conversion Updates.pdf

Released - June 10, 2020

VideosPresenterPresentation Link
Mobile Ground-based Atmospheric Radioxenon MeasurementsDr. Anders Ringbom, Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI) R&D on Xe trapping Mobile Ground-based Atmospheric Radioxenon Measurements.pdf
Radioxenon Emission Estimates for Molten Salt ReactorsDr. Derek Haas, The University of Texas at Austin  Radioxenon Emission Estimates for Molten Salt Reactors.pdf
Radioisotope Production at NiowaveMr. Robert Whalen, Niowave  Radioisotope Production at Niowave.pdf
The Mirion Spectroscopic Stack MonitorDr. Jim Zickefoose, Mirion Technologies (Canberra), Inc.  The Mirion Spectroscopic Stack Monitor.pdf
The Case for Silicon in Beta-Gamma Radioxenon DetectorsDr. Michael Foxe, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory  The Case for Silicon in Beta-Gamma Radioxenon Detectors.pdf

Released - June 10, 2020

VideosPresenterPresentation Link
Xenon InternationalDr. James Hayes, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory  Xenon International.pdf
A Review of WOSMIP RemoteDr. Ted Bowyer, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory  
Roundtable for Stack Monitoring DataVirtual Roundtable for Stack Monitoring Data Roundtable Questions.pdf

Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour of Mirion Technologies, Inc.Mirion Technologies, Inc. Virtual Tour 

Bonus Material

INVAP Virtual TourINVAP Virtual Tour 

Future Topics - check back regularly for updates

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