Due to unavoidable issues associated with the COVID-19 crisis, we will have to postpone the 2020 Stockholm WOSMIP workshop that was scheduled for the week of June 22nd.  While it is our intent to reschedule this important meeting in late Spring or early Summer next year (2021), we also recognize this situation has impacted the abilities of the radioisotope and nuclear explosion monitoring communities to hold technical discussions and collaborate on new developments related to WOSMIP .

Wosmip Remote
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In order to provide a venue for you all to connect with your international colleagues and continue dialogue around these important topics, we are launching WOSMIP Remote. By using some of the innovative tools and digital channels available to us, WOSMIP Remote will include a variety of compelling remote presentations, along with some Q&A periods.  Click for more information!                                                                              

If you have already submitted an abstract, please consider keeping it on hold for the workshop next year! We will be sending out another updated solicitation once some of the details have been worked out. If you have made hotel reservations, please don’t forget to cancel them. The contact us page for Hilton Hotels will aid in this process. We are happy to assist you if necessary. 

Although we are disappointed to postpone, we hope you are in good health and wish the best to you and your families. 

Best regards,

The WOSMIP Organizing Committee



WOSMIP aims to support the Provisional Secretariat of the Preparatory Commission of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) and unite experts from radioisotope and nuclear explosion monitoring communities for a 4-day friendly scientific meeting. This provides a unique forum for technical discussions and collaborations, to discuss the impact of radioisotopes released from civil and industrial sources on nuclear explosion monitoring in support of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT). As with previous workshops, the focus of WOSMIP VIII will include issues associated with the radioisotopes released from nuclear power plants, research reactors, and medical and industrial isotope production. The radioxenon emission from these sources shall be examined to provide a better understanding of their contribution to the global radioxenon background. This is important because these peaceful uses of nuclear technology have a similar isotopic signature to nuclear explosions and are frequently observed by the International Monitoring System (IMS) of the CTBTO. Due to the strong participation of both communities at WOSMIP, significant progress has been made in identifying approaches to mitigate these effects on the IMS, whilst continuing to support efficient and reliable production of man-made isotopes.

For this collaboration to continue to be successful, it is critical we maintain support for WOSMIP VIII. This relies on increasing participation from both communities, and new participation is strongly encouraged.   

The WOSMIP VII report is now available. We look forward to you joining us at WOSMIP VIII. 

Last Updated: April 2020