Abstract Submission

WOSMIP VIII will be held in Stockholm, Sweden in June 2020. The scientific program will continue to build from the previous workshops to move the information sharing and scientific understanding forward. We invite submissions of abstracts at this year's workshop. (Note that abstract submission does not register you for the workshop. You should separately register to attend the workshop.)

Workshop Topics: 

  • Introduction/Plenary
  • Overview of Current and Future Fission based Mo-99 Production
  • Alternative Radionuclide source terms
  • Stach release data, local and remote detections
  • Atmospheric Transport
  • R&D Efforts on Emission Reduction
  • Other topics related to detection, equipment, analysis, or signatures of man-made isotope production.


Click to submit your abstract for a presentation or a poster at WOSMIP 2020.

Last Updated: December 2019