Technical Information Including Scientific Papers

Using STAX Data to Predict IMS Radioxenon Concentrations

Paul W. Eslinger, Theodore W. Bowyer, Charles G. Doll, Judah I. Friese, Lori A. Metz, Brian T. Schrom

Use of STAX Data in Global-Scale Simulation of 133Xe Atmospheric Background

Sylvia Generoso, Pascal Achim, Mireille Morin, Philippe Gross, Guilhem Douysset

The STAX Project: A New Data Source to Aid in Treaty Monitoring

Judah I. Friese, JL Burnett, Theodore W. Bowyer, Lori A. Metz, Charles G. Doll

STAX Project – Data Analysis and Interactive Data Access

M. Auer, S. Hellman, M. Rizescu

New Nuclear Explosion Monitoring Capability Achieves Significant Milestone

National Nuclear Security Administration Article

PNNL Working with Medical Isotope Producers to Ensure Continued Effectiveness of Nuclear Explosion Monitoring

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory News Release

STAX Data Sharing Project

Charles G. Doll, Judah I. Friese, Theodore W. Bowyer, Ian M. Cameron, Lori A. Metz

A Review of Global Radioxenon Background Research and Issues

Office of Scientific and Technical Information Article

Last Updated: September 2022